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Diagora - 18-19 Mars 2020Salon Aerospace Tech Week

AEROSPACE TECH WEEK is the annual show which brings you the latest developments in air-to-ground and nose-to-tail connectivity, airline e-Enablement strategies and processes, flight operations software, fuel efficiency, MRO software, regulatory, policy, technical SES and next-generation challenges for avionics and the testing systems (both hardware and software) that affect the design, construction and maintenance of all commercial and military aircraft.

After a record breaking AEROSPACE TECH WEEK 2019, which had over 1,250 attendees in Munich GERMANY, the next event takes place on 18/19th March 2020 in Toulouse, FRANCE. The show then returns to Munich in 2021 and alternates between France and Germany after that.

AEROSPACE TECH WEEK comprises of the following SIX events (& more to follow) and each has a dedicated high level conference. There is a CENTRAL large exhibition across 5 Halls with upto 200 exhibitors as well as Certified training courses and free to attend workshops.


Adrian Broadbent, CEO/Owner

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